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Product Indentification


Name:   JNJ-38877605
Synonyms:   JNJ-38877605
CAS Registry Number:   943540-75-8
Molecular Formula:   C19H13F2N7
Molecular Weight:    377.35
Molecular Structure:    


                  In stock!


                 Appearance: white solid


                  Purity: 99%min



                  For Research Used Only







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         Foretinib|849217-64-7                                                                    JNJ-38877605|943540-75-8   


          MGCD-265|875337-44-3                                                               PF-04217903|956905-27-4

SGX-523|1022150-57-7                                                                  SU11274|658084-23-2


      849217-68-1|Cabozantinib                                                              PF-02341066|877399-52-5





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c-Met inhibitor JNJ-38877605 
      An orally available, small molecule inhibitor of the proto-oncogene c-Met (hepatocyte growth factor receptor [HGFR]) with potential antineoplastic activity. c-Met inhibitor JNJ-38877605 selectively binds to c-Met, thereby inhibiting c-Met phosphorylation and disrupting c-Met signal transduction pathways. This may induce cell death in tumor cells overexpressing c-Met protein or expressing constitutively activated c-Met protein. c-Met, a receptor tyrosine kinase overexpressed or mutated in many tumor cell types, plays key roles in tumor cell proliferation, survival, invasion, metastasis, and tumor angiogenesis.




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