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Product Indentification


Name:   AT 7519
Synonyms:   N-(4-Piperidinyl)-4-(2,6-dichlorobenzoylamino)-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxamide
CAS Registry Number:   844442-38-2
Molecular Formula:   C16H17Cl2N5O2
Molecular Weight:    382.24
Molecular Structure:    







                    Storage: 4 deg.                 



                    For Research Use Only



                    Inquiry (H1NMR,HPLC,LC-MS)



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 Biological Activity of AT7519:

AT7519 is a novel small molecule multi-cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor with IC50 of 0.19, 0.044, 0.51, 0.067, 0.66 and 0.018 μM for CDK1/cyclinB, CDK2/CyclinA, CDK2/Cyclin E, CDk4/CyclinD1, CDK6/Cyclin D3, CDk5/p35, respectively. AT7519 selectively binds to and inhibits cyclin dependent kinases (CDKs), which may result in cell cycle arrest, induction of apoptosis, and inhibition of tumor cell proliferation. CDKs are serine/theronine kinases involved in regulation of the cell cycle and may be overexpressed in some types of cancer cells. AT7519 induced apoptosis at concentrations of 100 to 700 nM and was equally effective regardless of Rai stage or known prognostic markers. Short-term treatments (4-6 hours) resulted in inhibition of phosphorylation of the transcriptional marker RNA polymerase II and downregulation of the antiapoptotic protein Mcl-1, with no effect on either XIAP or Bcl-2 levels






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